10 Ways to Wear your Grey Suit, Part 3

Your grey suit doesn’t have to be all business and no fun: these two looks will make you feel like Don Johnson in the 21st century!

Look # 5

Remember the 80’s and super popular Miami Vice were Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas rocked their suits while fighting crime? Loose the big shoulder pads and you can still wear your suit Don Johnson style with a T-shirt. Plenty of current A-listers like¬†Will Smith, Collin Farrell, Chris Pine and even Brad Pitt have been seen nailing the look.

Key is to choose a T with no – I repeat NO – graphics. A plain T-shirt, preferably white or black will create a sleek an casual look and take your suit to a whole new level. Oh, by the way, this is definitely a more summer time look. In winter time, best to stick to your dress shirt…

Look # 6

It’s time to separate the jacket from the pants and combine them with a pair of jeans. A look that would normally require a blazer, but also works with a light grey suit jacket. Some people might realize that your jacket is actually part of a 2 piece outfit, but don’t let that bother you!

The simple fact of wearing a jacket with your jeans, makes them look more formal. Our preference goes to a dark pair in combination with your grey suit jacket. Avoid torn jeans at all cost and pay attention to the fit: no loose or low hanging models. They are way to informal to look good with a jacket! You want your denim pants to fit you in a similar manner as your dress pants would.